I listened to my wife on the HVAC

I listened to my wife on the HVAC

Nick June 29, 2020

I have the best partner I could ever have asked for.

We just get each other and form such a solid team when it comes to tackling what life throws at us.

Recently, she pointed out that we were only using the separate guest cottage as a defacto storage unit. That was sort of stupid given that we were so excited to have a separate space for inlaws or friends when they visit. But, we weren’t using the guest cottage because it was full of our junk and it had basically no HVAC. It just sort of fell off our radar as we began life in our new location. My wife wanted to get the place into shape in order to host her family over the holidays. The worst part of the deal was spending time in the cramped space sorting through all the junk. What we didn’t toss, ended up in the attic of the main house. Then we called the HVAC guys to come out and give us some options for HVAC. I thought that I could just put a window unit air conditioner in there and a space heater for the winter. But again, my wife was on top of it. Once the HVAC people saw the space, they said it was perfect for a ductless HVAC unit. My wife said do it. Those guys were able to install it within an afternoon. When the ductless HVAC came on, I could not believe how great it felt. We were able to get everything done, the HVAC in and the cottage decorated before Christmas. Her parents were blown away by how comfortable it was in the guest cottage.

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