I love my whole house air purifier

I love my whole house air purifier

Nick June 29, 2020

There are good things about being someone who needs order and cleanliness in their life.

I function well in what I do for a living.

My life is organized and orderly. Our home is super clean and always a welcome space. Even my kids and husband jump in to help and maintain the level of clean that I need. However, there is a down side to all this order. It takes a lot of effort. I don’t come home from work, recline on the couch and just soak in the HVAC comfort of my home. Nope, I have to keep to a schedule of cleaning as soon as I get home. In a way, it is sort of therapeutic in a sense. I am able to let go of the day’s stress in that time I am cleaning after work. However, the effort is tough. I put all that effort into keeping such a clean home only to walk in and have a wall of odor hit me. This just isn’t acceptable. The source of the odors are routine like cooking, pets and so forth. But, they linger in the air as the HVAC just keeps recycling the air and the smells. I knew this just wouldn’t do. None of the remedies like sprays and plug ins ever worked fully. So, I called the HVAC people to see if they had a solution. I am in love with what they came up with. They installed a whole house air purifier. I was stunned at how quickly and totally it reversed the indoor air situation. Now, my home smells as clean as it really is.

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