It’s going to be cold

It’s going to be cold

Nick June 30, 2020

Oh me oh my, let me tell you the category of Wintertide the people I was with and I had one year ago.

It had to have been the coldest Wintertide in my lifetime, plus I am pushing forty years of age! It was so cold that everyone in our town was running their central heating system at maximum power the entire season! The electric companies were having a field afternoon overcharging everyone I’m sure! I was a bit smarter though, I did not want to let those sleazy energy companies take luck of me plus the fact that the people I was with and I were having most likely the coldest Wintertide in history, however so I did some research on how to heat my beach home separate from having to crank the central heating system nearly as much.

And through some useful energy saving tips I found online, I ended up buying a few portable area furnaces which honestly helped in keeping my energy costs down a little bit. With the suggestions on how to locale the portable area furnaces around the home to warm it up in even the worst freezing weather, it made it so I was only using my central heating plan a fraction of the time. I had the last laugh on these energy rip off companies! My electric fee eventually ended up being no higher than it is while in a normal cold winter, plus I am sure that made them mad! But of course, there was nothing they could do about it. I told several different friends plus family members about how to keep their electric bills down with the portable area furnaces while in this extra cold winter, plus some of them listened to me.

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