Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

Nick June 30, 2020

After suffering a somewhat serious dust sensitivity attack that nearly put myself and others in the hospital or even worse, I needed to figure out what was going on.

It seemed I was having these problems only while trying to sleep, however when I was wide awake & not in our home too regular, either being out & about or at work, I was having no such problems.

I decided to have my air vents of our central heating & air conditioner program cleaned thinking that I was playing a part in it perhaps. However no, that didn’t do the trick! Unsure of what to do I called an air quality expert to do an entirely taxing sweep of the general air quality in our home, and he found the root of the problem, which was in fact our central heating & air conditioner. But it had nothing to do with the air vents all alone. It was the plain and simple fact that my HVAC duct was filthy & needed to be seriously cleaned! I then called our local heating & air conditioner supplier to send out a certified heating & cooling specialist to do an entirely deep HVAC duct cleaning of our Heating and A/C system. It was a little on the expensive side of things, however when the HVAC duct was completely washed up, I was one hundred percent free of the serious dust sensitivity attacks I had been having I could not believe the fact that something so serious had an self-explanatory fix that I could have taken care of months ago before it got so serious. If only I had known that dirty HVAC ducts could cause such concerns.


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