Making my health and fitness a priority as I grow older

Making my health and fitness a priority as I grow older

Nick June 29, 2020

I recognize the importance of eating properly, working out regularly and getting a decent night’s sleep.

I take very good care of myself and have no pressing health problems.

Although I’m now 53 years old, I still have plenty of energy, strength and stamina. I have not needed to give up any of my hobbies, and I often jog, play tennis, complete home remodeling projects and spend hours wedding the gardens. I’ve maintained nearly the same weight since graduating high school and people often mistake me for much younger than my actual age. I start each morning with a minimum of an hour of exercise. I make sure to vary between various styles of exercise to target and rest all of my muscle groups. My workouts typically include all different stretches, strength training, balance exercises as well as high impact aerobics. I complete a lot of lunges, squats, and jumps. I lift a variety of weights, including f ten-pound free weights and a selection of lighter weight poles, kettlebells and weighted balls. I like to ride my bike, kayak, swim or jump rope to get my heart pumping and get sweaty. I also take group yoga, pilates and spin classes. I practice dedicated breathing techniques for relaxation at the conclusion of every workout session. My diet is concentrated around fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish. I don’t eat red meat, fatty foods or sugary snacks. I completely avoid carbonated drinks, coffee, tobacco and alcohol. I carry a water bottle everywhere with me, making sure to hydrate. Although I have some difficulty sleeping now and then, I follow a very strict routine of when I head to bed and when I get up in the morning.

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