My sister always tells me I should go travelling with her

My sister always tells me I should go travelling with her

Nick June 30, 2020

My sister absolutely loves to travel.

She has been to many different places in the world and she always seems to have a great time.

Over the years she has told me that I should join her on some of her travels. First of all, I don’t have money like that to just be travelling around the world all willy nilly. She married a rich guy and he loves to spoil her. She doesn’t even have to work, but I have to work hard to take care of my family. That’s the other thing, I couldn’t just leave my family at home while I was out travelling to some foreign land. Finally, even if I didn’t have a family to take care of, I absolutely can’t stand flying. When I do travel, I need the proper climate control settings and those little HVAC vents on the planes are a total joke. I especially don’t like the idea of possibly dying in a plane crash. My sister has said that statistics show that you are more likely to die in an automobile accident, but I don’t care about that. At least if I’m driving in my car I have full control. I have control over the climate control settings and I have control over the wheel. It’s really up to me if I’m going to live or die based on how careful I am of a driver. She finally said we could go on a road trip together sometime. I told her I might be open to that idea, but we better be using a nice car with an excellent climate control system.

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