Decided to move out west where the climate is severely dry

Decided to move out west where the climate is severely dry

Nick September 16, 2020

When I moved out west, I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

  • I had a really nice home to move into, but it didn’t come equipped with what I needed for good air quality.

I learned that the air out west is extremely dry, and it’s absolutely essential to invest in a quality humidifier. You would think the house would already have a good humidifier since the air is so dry, but this place didn’t have anything of the sort. So I ended up finding a good humidifier and I also had the HVAC company do some work on the HVAC system in my new house. On top of that, I had to have a chimney sweep come over to make sure my fireplace was cleaned out and ready to go for the winter season. I was satisfied when everything was taken care of and I was able to increase the humidity levels in the house. Even though I was able to improve the air quality in my home, I still had to deal with the massively dry air outdoors. I was dreading going to work because the air would feel so dry, but it didn’t feel overheated to be honest. I guess that’s a benefit of having dry air, it doesn’t feel as overheated as it does when the humidity levels are high. I ended up purchasing a portable humidifier for my car, and that helped me out a great deal. Now before I drive anywhere, I always make sure to turn on the humidifier and adjust the temperature control settings so I can be perfectly comfortable.



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