I believe it’s important to have a fireplace in the home

I believe it’s important to have a fireplace in the home

Nick September 16, 2020

I remember the home my parents used to have, it was the home us kids were raised in.

  • We used to love running around the property and into the apple orchards.

Well, there was one severe winter I recall when we had this terrible blizzard that lasted for a long while. Our gas furnace ended up failing on us, but fortunately we had the fireplace that permitted us to keep warm through the duration of the storm. Even though the blizzard was brutal, it was still beautiful when you looked outside after the storm. We were so thankful to have our fireplace, otherwise we probably would have froze to death. We had a good size stack of wood because for some reason, our father insisted that we all keep splitting wood before that particular winter season. It’s almost like our father knew that there would be a brutal storm and we would need plenty of firewood for the fireplace to make it through. A lot of our neighbors did alright with their fireplaces as well through that devastating storm. During the storm, we spent day and night making sure to feed the fire in the fireplace with more wood, so that we would not become cold. We all slept around the fireplace during that time as well when our gas furnace was not working. My parents have since sold that house where us kids grew up, but it will always remain in my memory as some of the best times of my life. Even now, I have a fireplace in my home because I feel having a fireplace is important for survival, in case the main heating system fails.


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