I really don’t enjoy going to visit with my uncle

I really don’t enjoy going to visit with my uncle

Nick September 16, 2020

I really have to say, I was never a huge fan of going to visit with my uncle.

Whenever we would go over there, my father and he would get wasted drinking all kinds of beer.

I never enjoyed being around them while they were drinking because they got really carried away and out of control. It also annoyed me because they would go to the thermostat and adjust the temperature control settings when they were drinking. You would think they would turn up the cooling system, but they would actually turn on the heating system for some reason. It would become entirely overheated and uncomfortable with all the heat coming from the HVAC vents. Honestly, it was more comfortable going outside than staying in my uncle’s house when they were drinking like that. My uncle would say that it was good to crank up the heating system because it allows you to shed the weight from drinking so much. I didn’t know about that, but I was sure he was no health expert. Of course, I have read that if you exercise with the heat, you can actually shed more weight, so I guess he was thinking along those lines when it came to drinking. To my father and my uncle, drinking to them is basically their form of exercise. Whenever my father talks about going to my uncle’s house, I always ask if I can stay home. I really just want to relax in my room with my window A/C unit, but my father usually makes me go and I never have a good time.

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