I want my coffee shop back.

I want my coffee shop back.

Nick September 15, 2020

I hated it when my favorite coffee shop had to close down because of the pandemic.

It was my favorite place to go before and after work.

It was my favorite place to meet with friends and my dates. I felt safe there and I always felt welcome. It was like coming home to old friends. When the coffee was closed down, I was having withdrawal. Not only was I missing the camaraderie of the coffee shop, but the air conditioning was the best. I didn’t have very good air conditioning in my apartment and this was as close as I could get without feeling like a stalker of my friends. Of course most of my friends lived in the same apartment building that I lived in. They didn’t have air conditioning that was any better than I had. We were all waiting for the pandemic to ease up on small businesses so we could go back to the coffee shop and our excellent HVAC. I’m sure that whatever I’m saving on coffee and sandwiches, I am now spending on the AC in my apartment. I never realized how much it cost for air conditioning when I wasn’t paying anything toward it. I just kept the thermostat where the manager had it set. It wasn’t until I was resetting it and trying to cool off that I found out anything over a certain amount of AC use was charged to me. I really hope the coffee shop can open up soon. If they don’t I’ll be too broke to be able to afford to go to the coffee shop.

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