I won a lucky jackpot!

I won a lucky jackpot!

Nick September 16, 2020

I just had this best thing happen to me today.

A week ago, I had bought a scratch off ticket from the gas station, and I had completely forgot about it.

I was still constantly worrying about my family, bills and my work. Oh yes, and my air conditioning system had recently failed. so another expense that I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford for at least a few months if not longer. The hot temperatures were already causing more fights between the family, and tensions were extra high. One day when I returned from work and flopped on my bed for a 20 minutes a nap. I felt something crinkle underneath me, and I pulled out the scratch ticket from underneath me. In my sleepy haze I scratched ticked off, only to find that I had a jackpot! I had won $2000! I went and got the money first thing in the morning, and I already knew what I was going to do with it. I was going to call a HVAC technician out and fix my HVAC unit and restore the peace in my family. I was able to get the HVAC unit fixed the same day and it was working like new again. Thanks to the jackpot money I had won and a bit of my own money, I was able to afford a HVAC repair. Even though winning the jackpot money didn’t fix all of my problems, it helped one big one and brightened my day. Besides, most people can’t say they’ve won a jackpot before.

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