Scary stories used to keep myself and others up at night

Scary stories used to keep myself and others up at night

Nick September 15, 2020

Right before bed, I used to listen to paranormal in addition to other frightening stories on my Ipod before going to bed.

A lot of people call myself and others crazy, but frightening stories just do not seem to scare myself and others anymore.

I guess when I said that though I jinxed myself, because that same night I listened to an incredibly creepy story in addition to I was a bit spooked. Okay, okay, maybe a bit more than that. I heard that chilly rooms could show that there was a ghost present in addition to how people would quickly get chilly in addition to something terrible would happen afterwards… Needless to say, I had difficulty sleeping that night in addition to I kept tossing in addition to turning in addition to thinking about the stories. Then quickly, I felt a big cooling breeze come over myself and others in addition to I freaked, in addition to pulled the covers close to myself and others in addition to looked around my room suspiciously. My room within 15 minutes became icy chilly in addition to my heart started racing, I feared that something genuinely terrible would happen next, like being dragged under my bed. Then I felt a chilly breath right on my neck in addition to I ran out of my room in addition to slept on the couch for the night. It wasn’t until the next day that I discovered that I had left my cooling system on the entire night in addition to that is why my room was so icy cold. The chilly breath of air I felt on my neck was because of the cooling system vent right above my bed. I felt stupid for being scared of an cooling system, in addition to I laughed it off in addition to turned my Heating and Air Conditioning component off. I wasn’t laughing later though when I returned apartment in addition to my apartment was still icy cold, even with the gas furnace on.


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