Wishing to replace furnace with boiler

Wishing to replace furnace with boiler

Nick September 15, 2020

My house already had a forced air furnace in place when we moved in.

There is ductwork installed inside walls and ceilings that carries heated air to each of the rooms.

The stale air is drawn out and heat is introduced through supply and return vents. I’m not overly impressed with the operation and comfort level provided by this type of heating system. Since heat naturally rises, the highest temperatures are near the ceiling. As soon as the heat leaves the vents, it floats straight upward. Unless I want to stand on a ladder, it does me little good. I need to set higher thermostat settings in an attempt to keep the lower half of the room sufficiently warm. Plus, the air from the ducts often carries contaminants such as dust, bacteria, pollen, dander and mold spores. It negatively impacts the health and cleanliness of the home. During the winter months, I need to dust and vacuum a lot more often. There’s also concerns with overly dry air and energy losses because of the leaks and holes in the ductwork. The average duct system allows approximately 30% of conditioned air to escape. A perfectly maintained duct system still sacrifices around 4% of the heated air. The furnace is also noisy. I wish it was feasible to tear out the furnace and replace it with a boiler heating system. A boiler uses water rather than air to convey heat. The operation is virtually silent and as a closed system, it’s especially clean. The heat is radiating into the air rather than blown in, so the highest temperature remains near the floor. There’s no drafts, no cold spots or temperature stratification and because water heats up quicker than air, the boiler doesn’t need to work as hard.

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