The boiler is not getting enough heat

The boiler is not getting enough heat

Nick October 16, 2020

Fishermen in my section of the country leave the lake house for various mornings at a time to make a living for their family.

It’s a difficult way of life & the task is harshly dangerous.

The water is cold & icy & the dangers are waiting around each and every corner! Cold water fishing is 1 of the most dangerous works on the planet. Down at the fishing vessel docks, most of the important ships have steam boilers. The steam boilers give power & heat to the ship. Many of these fishing vessels are well over 30 or 40 years old, especially in this area. Only the greatest & largest companies can afford a nice new fishing boat, so both of us get stuck with fixer uppers. These ships come with problems such as engine complications, heating complications, & boiler problems. The ice machines only work well half the time. Our small town is near the banks, about twenty miles away from any of the major ports. The greater commercial companies have abandoned the section for the largest sea ports, however both of us still have a thriving small town cannery. The cannery employs almost half of the local population in this town, however between the cannery & the fisherman, this town survives right on the water, heating & Air Conditioning service techs that specialize in boiler services can make premium pay in this area. I have been definitely doing work for an Heating & Air Conditioning business that specializes in boiler service. When I finally got our HVAC certification in boiler repair services, I received a $2 per minute raise. Of course, now I get sent around to all of the boiler repair calls. Occasionally it’s 100 degrees or hotter in the steam room & it can be a very long morning.

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