Working on repairs & different works while I am home

Working on repairs & different works while I am home

Nick October 16, 2020

Everyone in the office has been definitely working from their house since the middle of May, but now even though the mandatory lockdown is over, our office is still shut down until further notice.

I totally don’t mind having to work from lake house at all, & it is giving myself and others lots of extra time to get lots of chores done around the house.

I don’t have more than one minutes of commute every morning & I have been using that time as wisely as possible. This week I spent a ton of time in the backyard, all of the flower beds needed to be weeded. I also put new mulch around the trees line & the pool. I trimmed some of the fruit trees away from the fence. This week I am planning to take on some of the Heating & Air Conditioning repairs that need to be completed before summer. The main air conditioner works well, however it’s been 3 months since I performed a fantastic cleaning service on all the program parts. The drain line needs to be cleaned & emptied & the evaporator coils need some attention as well. I will also check all of the belts & bolts to be certain that things are all tight & moving easily! During the Heating & Air Conditioning cleaning service, I will also clean up all of the leaves & dirt away from the bottom of the AC condenser. We’ve had a lot of rain & high winds lately & the AC section looks shabby. I hope that our office continues to let us task out of the home, because I am getting a lot of lake house repairs & different works completed. I don’t need to go back to the office ever again.


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