I should’ve asked the HVAC professional for a DNA test

I should’ve asked the HVAC professional for a DNA test

Nick December 17, 2020

I’ve never lived in a place that wasn’t a small town in the middle of the Northeast.

I have been residing here for 4 years and my parents only live a mile away on 6 acres of farmland.

I also live 5 miles away from my little sister plus my brother has a farm adjacent to mine. This area is really cozy plus almost everyone knows almost everyone here. When someone different moves to this town, almost everyone talks about it for several days. News travels really hastily in a small neighborhood plus it did not take long before I discovered that a modern girl that moved into the area looked like me. I thought my family and friends were exaggerating, plus I assumed it was someone who closely resembled me. Someone found out that this girl was working for the local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation plus someone convinced me to call the corporation plus request her to service the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I was concerned that it would seem really odd to call plus request a modern person to fix my HVAC system, but my friends were telling me that I had to see her face to face. I made the appointment for Wednesday morning plus this girl was the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist that showed up at my door. I couldn’t see my face in her, but the specialist looked like she’d seen a ghost. In a parallel universe, I think she’d look like me. Maybe if I did not know my parents lived here their entire lives, I might’ve asked her for a DNA test.

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