The HVAC professional looked like me

The HVAC professional looked like me

Nick December 17, 2020

I’ve never lived anywhere in my life besides a small town in the middle of the Southwest.

I’ve been here for nearly 30 years.

My parents live a few miles away on 4 acres of farmland. I also live 5 miles away from my siblings plus my sister has a farm adjacent to mine! The area is particularly small plus everyone knows everyone. However, when someone up-to-date moves into town, it’s the talk all throughout town. Well news travels particularly abruptly in a small town like this, plus it didn’t take long before I found out that an up-to-date woman that moved into the area looked exactly like me. I thought my friends plus my neighbors were joking plus I assumed it was someone who was closely resembling me. Someone discovered that the woman works for an HVAC company plus they convinced me to call the company plus request her to come service my HVAC system. I said it was particularly different to call plus request an up-to-date woman to work on the system, however my friends were certain that I needed to see this woman in person. I scheduled the appointment for Thursday morning plus she was there when the HVAC professional arrived. When I opened the door I couldn’t see my face, however the professional looked like she’d just seen a ghost. In a parallel universe, I suppose this woman looks like me. If I didn’t know that my father lived here his whole life, then I would’ve considered asking for a DNA test.

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