The portable space heater keeps us warm

The portable space heater keeps us warm

Nick December 17, 2020

Saturday evenings are game evenings in this neighborhood.

My wife plus I have 2 sons that play for their middle school football team and one of them is a senior that plays linebacker.

The other is a sophomore that starts as quarterback. My senior is in his final season and my sophomore feels like he’s just beginning. My wife plus I are harshly proud of our boys, especially because our oldest already has a scholarship from our State University to play the game. Saturday evening is a giant deal to most people in this neighborhood plus most diners close at 6 so they can encourage people to go to the game! Game evening is a ritual of preparing for the crispy, cold evening air. Almost every single evening of pigskin season is filled with freezing temperatures plus my wife plus I are always there to support our boys through every minute of the crisp, cold air. Usually we bring a small flask of whiskey plus a legitimately giant space furnace that is battery powered. It takes the large batteries, however the power lasts for 24 hours. My wife plus I can usually last multiple pigskin games from one battery power! Even when the temperatures are below 20 degrees outside, our battery powered space furnace provides just enough warmth to keep us from getting too cold. Our boys even have furnaces on the field to keep them warm. They’re honestly giant fans that blow warm air instead of cool air. There are heated coils inside of a large fan plus the circulator blows the warm air onto all of the players.

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