They kept saying this HVAC professional looked like me

They kept saying this HVAC professional looked like me

Nick December 17, 2020

I’ve never lived anywhere other than a small town.

  • I have been living here for 25 years, and my mom and dad live a couple miles away on 5 acres of farmland.

I live 2 miles away from my brother and my brother owns a farm adjacent to mine. This town is honestly small and everyone knows everyone. If someone modern moves into town, everyone gossips about it for mornings and mornings. Well news travels swiftly in a small town like this, because it wasn’t long before I found out that a modern guy that moved to the area looked very similar to me. I thought my family and my friends were crazy and I figured it was someone who just closely resembled me. Someone found out that this guy works for an HVAC company here and they convinced me to call the company to request him to repair my HVAC system. I told my friends that it was honestly unusual to call and request a modern guy to check my HVAC system, however my friends were convinced that I had to see him in person. I made the appointment and one of my friends was there when the HVAC serviceman arrived. When I opened the door I didn’t see my face, however the serviceman looked like he was staring at a ghost. In a parallel universe, I guess he was my twin, but it was really difficult to see. If I didn’t believe that my dad and mom lived here their whole lives, I might’ve asked him for a DNA test.

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