Better HVAC Means Better Music

Better HVAC Means Better Music

Nick February 23, 2021

It’s kind of funny because I never thought a holiday celebration would change things for our musical group.

It was easily our drummer who was saying that we should all go to this celebration she was asked to go to.

She said it was going to be a enjoyable time however not everybody in our musical group was able to make it. I decided to go after she talked me into it. I’m entirely thrilled that I went too because this celebration was fantastic. The thing is, the venue of the celebration had the most awesome temperature control settings plus the air quality was fantastic. The people were pretty nice plus there was even a little competition for the best guitarist. Of course, our guitarist got involved in that. Our drummer entirely rocked the celebration with his talent plus later on I was talking to him about it. I was trying to understand what was different and allowed him labor those drums so well without making any mistakes. The amazing drummer said it was because of the enjoyable air quality plus the excellent thermostat. She explained that she never felt as comfortable at our practice sessions plus also particular venues we played at didn’t necessarily have the best temperature control either. When I came to discover that it was the excellent temperature control that we needed, this was a real game changer for our musical group. I decided to pitch in with everybody to have better temperature control in the garage where we practiced for our gigs. All of us had a ductless mini break installed plus got a UV media air cleaner. Ever since, we have been killing it with our music plus we usually ask the venues to set the thermostats where we prefer so we can entirely rock the locale!


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