My son needs to teach me about computers

My son needs to teach me about computers

Nick February 23, 2021

Like most 40somethings, my knowledge of computers and how to navigate them is sketchy at best.

Thank god that Google caters to idiots just like me, because going to the search engine and typing in my question is really the best trick I know, and I will never be a coder, never be able to build a website, and I am fascinated by people who can.

They use strings of code to transform a blank screen into anything you can imagine, meanwhile I am typing with 2 fingers and asking my 12 year old son for advice, and don’t even get me started on cybersecurity, I thought that the computer came with antivirus software on it and that was all I needed. Boy was I wrong, that is just the bare minimum to keep your PC from getting sick, it stands no chance against any real cybersecurity threat, and hackers have a hundred different ways of attacking you virtually, and the battle between them and cybersecurity experts is always evolving. Once a new threat is shut down, and server security is tightened, then the hackers will take what they have learned to try something new, and every time a server firewall is enhanced, a hacker is deconstructing the code and figuring out how to cut through it. If you just use a casual PC for shopping and looking at memes, perhaps things like data security and risk management don’t apply to you. But if you run your business through a website, you need to take cybersecurity very seriously, or you will be wiped out in short order.

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