Staying Safe With a Gas Furnace

Staying Safe With a Gas Furnace

Nick February 23, 2021

One of my biggest concerns about having a fuel-powered furnace was the fumes that came from it.

Carbon monoxide poisoning was one of my biggest fears because it was odorless, tasteless, and invisible, so I wanted to be as cautious as possible.

The fuel-powered furnace in this house was a major setback when I bought the place, but I loved the location of the house and wasn’t willing to give it up because of the furnace. I knew I could replace the fuel-powered furnace later down the road. In the meantime, I’d have to live with it. Since carbon monoxide was a big concern and fear of mine, I purchased two carbon monoxide detectors. I installed one carbon monoxide detector right beside the furnace and I installed the next one in the main living area of the house. During my HVAC service appointment, I asked the HVAC technician how to take care of the fuel-powered furnace to eliminate carbon monoxide. He suggested that I replace the air filter often. He also said that I needed to keep the furnace as clean as possible, because all the dirt could cause my furnace to produce more carbon monoxide, which would then be moved along in the air through my air vents. The HVAC technician also said that he’d need to come over twice per year to check out the gas connections, heat exchanger, and my burner. These were all things I’d never be able to inspect myself. I’m thankful for my HVAC technician’s help.


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