The party had to be canceled when we realized the AC was broke down

The party had to be canceled when we realized the AC was broke down

Nick February 23, 2021

My girlfriend and I planned a really awesome summer party with our friends.

  • We moved to a new apartment and we wanted to show off the place.

Both of us thought that the summer party was a great way to mingle with our friends and show off our new pad.My girlfriend bought some food to make appetizers and dips. I bought the beer, alcohol, and I also went to the dispensary to grab a couple of marijuana cigarettes. My girlfriend got back to the apartment before me. I was surprised when I saw her calling me on the phone, because I was only a minute or two behind her. She told me that the apartment was very hot and humid, despite the fact that the thermostat was set for 70°. I told my girlfriend to call the apartment manager and get a maintenance staff member over to our apartment as soon as possible. My girlfriend was still on the phone with the apartment manager when I walked in the front door. It was going to take the maintenance staff an hour or two before they could come help us with the AC issue. We couldn’t do anything to fix the problem on our own, so we thought it was better to cancel the party then make all of our guests miserable with the hot and humid atmosphere. Some of our friends were aggravated and disappointed, but we didn’t know that the AC was going to be problematic until we walked through the front door. We certainly didn’t want to cancel our fun shindig.


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