The recliner needed a new motor

The recliner needed a new motor

Nick February 22, 2021

My mom is the type of person that loves to buy specialty gifts for birthdays, holidays, and Christmas.

When I was seven, my mom bought me a bicycle that had unicorn stripes and pretty silver tassels.

It looked exactly like a bicycle that I had in a dream. My mom bought my dad a new recliner a couple of months ago. It was their anniversary and my mom really wanted to do something special and extraordinary. My dad is extremely tall and he has a difficult time sitting comfortably in most pieces of furniture. He always complains about the furniture in the living room and he barely spends any time in the family room. My mom found a custom furniture builder and she had the guy make a new recliner especially for my dad and his extremely long legs. My dad was very surprised when my mom gave him the gift. He sat in the chair all weekend and he only got up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My dad watches sports like golf, tennis, and football from the chair. My dad absolutely and totally loves the chair. My dad has used the new recliner so frequently that the chair needs a new motor already. Luckily, the chair is still under warranty from the custom furniture builder.cMy mom scheduled an appointment for service on the chair and the custom furniture builder is going to come to the house on Saturday to replace the motor. The guy isn’t even going to charge my mom for a service appointment since the chair is still under warranty.


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