There Was A Chat System Online For My Furnace Needs

There Was A Chat System Online For My Furnace Needs

Nick February 23, 2021

When I noticed my furnace acting out of sorts the other afternoon, I brushed it off and told myself that it was probably nothing to be concerned about.

When my furnace still wasn’t working properly two days later, I knew that I needed to get professional help.

I didn’t want to call the local HVAC company right away because it was expensive. I didn’t want to pay for an HVAC professional to come to my house, take 20 minutes to look at my furnace and tell me it was something really simple. I did the next best thing and went online to try and find out what was happening to my furnace. When I clicked on the website of a random HVAC company, there was a small chat bubble that popped up with a representative offering to help me. I took a leap of faith and told the representative that I was trying to figure out what was causing my furnace to run constantly. She was really polite and recommended that I check my air filter. I hadn’t even considered my air filter before that point! I went into my basement and found a fresh air filter to use. When I took the old air filter out, I saw how disgusting it was. It was coated in a thick layer of dust and random bits of debri stuck in it. My furnace was running constantly because it was having a hard time pushing the air through the filter. I’m thankful for the representative online who saved me a lot of money!

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