I couldn’t believe who my blind date was

I couldn’t believe who my blind date was

Nick March 31, 2021

When my buddies said they wanted to set me up on a blind date, I didn’t know what I was getting into.

I thought it would be fun though, but I was stunned when I saw who my blind date was.

We both met each other at a reserved table at one of my preferred restaurants. I love the place because not only do they have some of the best food, but they have perfect temperature controls settings and great air quality. I have never had to ask them once to adjust the temperature control settings and that’s something I really appreciate. So we met at the table and I thought it was a joke. It was Amanda from work and we never were able to get along. We actually had this feud over the temperature control settings in the office and it was something like a war between us. We never had anything nice to say to one another and I couldn’t believe that she was my date. We started fighting a little bit and I threw my hands up and said I was leaving. She then asked me to please stay to at least enjoy the dinner. I figured I might as well try. I tried to learn why we were on a date together and she said that she made the request to my friends. She said she was too nervous to try to ask me out when we had our little feud, but she liked me. She definitely had me fooled if that was the case. I was kind of annoyed when she asked the waiter to please adjust the temperature control settings, which were already perfect, but the rest of the night went surprisingly well.

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