I’m going to seal my new window air conditioner better than the last one

I’m going to seal my new window air conditioner better than the last one

Nick March 31, 2021

We’re starting to get rain earlier and earlier every year.

  • When I was young, this region got most of its rainfall from the middle to the end of summer.

This was consistent for decades before things slowly started to change. Instead of simply seeing lots of rainfall in the summer season, we are now getting storms in the autumn season. While the northern region gets earlier snowfall, we get hit with cold temperatures and rain showers. It’s miserable to be out in the rain while it’s 45 degrees outside. It’s a quick and easy way to feel extremely cold in a matter of seconds. But aside from autumn, we also get a little bit of rain in the winter and in the spring season. Even if most of the rain comes from May to September, we’re getting increasing rain during the rest of the year regardless of the temperatures outside. I have to make sure my windows are sealed, especially the one with my window air conditioner. I don’t like removing it seasonally, especially if we get a hot afternoon randomly in the middle of January. But the other reason is because once I get it sealed well in the window, I don’t like dismantling it and starting over several months later. Once you get the machine insulated well around the sides, it’s easy to lose your tight seal if you have to keep reinstalling the machine every year. There was a time where I had to temporarily caulk the space between the insulation and the window because rainwater was getting into my living room.


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