Tons of HVAC filters in big box stores

Tons of HVAC filters in big box stores

Nick March 31, 2021

Honestly, I think that there are way too many kinds of air filters in the big box home improvement stores around here.

I had to go to one of these a couple of weeks ago when my dad was at my house entirely working on my heating and cooling idea for us.

My dad knows how to repair just about anything, and so whenever we have any sort of issue at our house, we consistently call him up first before we make an appointment with a professional. It’s the same thing with plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and heating and a/c professionals. We consistently try to use my dad whenever we can! He enjoys doing it, too. He retired a couple of years ago and so now he is consistently looking for something to do. His number one favorite thing to do is work on gas furnaces and a/cs for the people that he knows. He makes a little bit of money on the side from doing this, even though he doesn’t do it for the money. He constantly says that he’s blissful to help out with the knowledge that he has. He used to task as an HVAC specialist years ago, and so he still knows the basics. I was trying to help him out when he was there entirely working on our heating and air conditioning idea for us the other night a couple of weeks ago. I told him that I would run to the store to get the air filter that he needed. However, I had no clue that there were so several different kinds of air filters on the market! I had no clue which one to get.



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