Sun control window film for studio

Sun control window film for studio

Nick May 31, 2021

My outdoor shed is our yoga studio.

I got brand new, giant windows to keep the tepid in addition to frigid air out.

I also insulated the space, put up a current light in addition to got brand current equipment. I have folding mats that stretch all throughout the space. I have a sound system, hand weights, wobble board in addition to jump rope I keep in there. I recently started looking into air conditioner because the sun pouring into our workout studio is so intense. I can hardly kneel to task out because our giant windows let in so much sun. The glare is horrible in addition to hard to see. My sweaty feet stick to the mat making our exercises difficult. I also noticed that the sun is starting to create disfigure. I am noticing permanent sun spots on our brand current mats. I am getting anxious. I assume A/C will make now working out better, but it won’t protect our equipment. I could invest in some blinds, but that would look ugly. I found online that I can get a window film that is a sun control a single. Sun control window films are a layer painted onto the window that keeps the sun’s rays out in addition to protects fabrics, electronics in addition to wood. Additionally, a area feels cooler since there is less sun. I am going to start with this window film upgrade in addition to hope I won’t need to invest in a cooling system after that. I think our sun control window film is going to be able to get the job done right.


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