Aches and pains caused by strenuous workouts

Aches and pains caused by strenuous workouts

Nick July 26, 2021

I am focused one my fitness, weight and health.

I have been a vegetarian for the last twenty years.

My diet includes all sorts of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa and tofu. I stay away from caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and all fast and processed foods. I make certain to consume plenty of water and I adhere to a strict sleep schedule. I set my alarm at the same time every morning and begin my day with a strenuous workout for about sixty minutes. My workout session includes a conscientious and thorough warm up. I take the time to circle my various joints and stretch my muscles. I usually skip or jog in place for a couple of minutes. I spent around thirty to forty minutes on high intensity aerobic exercise. I make sure to get my heart rate elevated and my lungs working hard. I follow up with different styles of strength training, including lifting free weights, push-ups, plank holds and squats. I always spend a portion of the session performing abdominal exercises, such as crunches, flutter kicks and sit-ups, and then concentrate on balance training. I conclude with a cool-down that prioritizes deep stretches to increase and maintain flexibility. Because I am so conscientious about taking good care of my body, I seldom deal with any major injuries. However, I do suffer the aches and pains of demanding workouts. It’s not uncommon for me to feel a bit sore or stiff when I first get out of bed. Recently, however, I’ve been suffering from cramps in my calves. I’ve needed to sleep with heating pads tied around our legs. I’m thinking that this is the consequence of over taxing the muscles. I’ve been adding in a lot of jumping rope. While I am good about pushing myself to workout, I’m not good abou resting my muscles.


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