Can’t get carried away over lifting weights

Can’t get carried away over lifting weights

Nick July 26, 2021

I switch between various types of exercises during my daily workout program.

I try my best to mix up which muscles I use as much as possible.

Not only do I focus on a diversity of muscle groups, but I keep the workout more interesting. It allows certain muscles the chance to rest and recover. I strive to elevate stamina, flexibility, balance and strength. I workout to keep my heart and lungs healthy. I often run long distances as well as quick wind sprints. I enjoy riding the stationary bike as well as my actual bicycle outside. I swim laps, hike trails, rock climb, jump rope and perform all kinds of squats and lunges. However, my favorite section of the workout is lifting weights. I always want to pick up a dumbbell, kettlebell, free weight, weighted ball or weighted pole. I target my biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and back muscles. Because I am a 5’2” woman in her fifties, I would prefer not to build large muscles. I don’t let myself lift any weights heavier than eight pounds. I stick with high repetition and change the ways I lift. I also avoid the problems of lifting every day. On the rest of the days, I concentrate more on leg and abdominal muscles. I sometimes do regular push-ups or inverted push-ups. I add in static holds, where I support a leg parallel to the ground and time it for a minute. My goal is to complete a whole-body workout, work all muscles and maximize my state of health and fitness. I can’t allow myself to get carried away with just weight lifting. I would like my arms to be toned but slim, and not manly or bulky in any way.


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