Everyone’s HVAC units finally got back to normal

Everyone’s HVAC units finally got back to normal

Nick July 26, 2021

My central air conditioning system was hacked by a scammer posing as an HVAC specialist.

But in reality, he was no professional technician at all and he would plant small devices onto peoples’ HVAC system computers.

Then, he would be able to control the HVAC unit from miles away and before long, he had control of over half the heating and cooling units in our entire city. The alarming part was that the devices he planted on A/C’s and gas furnaces were so tiny and wired into the computer component of the heating and cooling units. None of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C companies in the town could unconnect the device. There was only one heating and cooling supplier that had two HVAC specialists who were able to destroy the device. But with only a couple of them, progress was slow and the Heating, Ventilation and A/C hacker was getting more and more air conditioners and gas furnaces under his control every day. What the hacker would do is randomly change the settings on people’s smart thermostats, or he would just turn your central air conditioning on full blast and freeze you in your house. Often he would threaten people to leave him things in their front yard that he wanted like televisions, jewelry, or occasionally just money. If the person refused, the hacker would either turn their gas furnace on full blast or their air conditioner. It took months, but the hacker was finally caught, and several HVAC companies learned how to unconnect the unit from central air conditioning systems, gas furnaces, as well as window air conditionings.


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