Most modern homes will have gas fireplaces while older homes have wood fireplaces

Most modern homes will have gas fireplaces while older homes have wood fireplaces

Nick July 17, 2021

My brother and I have 2 completely unusual aesthetics; I care about a great bohemian vintage vibe with lots of plants, colors, and prints, he enjoys a modern vibe with neutral colors and minimal decor.

I don’t truly love his style, despite the fact that I do care about his and that’s all that matters! Even down to the larger pieces in our home, such as fireplaces, every one of us share differing views.

I truly prefer the classic brick fireplace in my study room… A wood fireplace is incredibly moderate and inviting for my family and any guests every one of us host… Especially with living in a colder region, it provides us with that comfort after a long day outside in the sun and cold winds. I’m able to put plants around my fireplace that complement the space and beautiful colorful artwork above the mantle… My brother prefers gas fireplaces as opposed to wood fireplaces because he doesn’t love to deal with the mess. She also doesn’t truly like the moderate cackling sounds that wood fireplaces provide. She likes the plan of having a fireplace that is also out of sight out of mind. I think that gas fireplaces are great options if you’re not able to have wood fireplaces, despite the fact that I consistently recommend wood fireplaces if your apartment can accommodate it. Even though our styles are so different, every one of us get along incredibly well. She’s my best friend and I’d love to think that our particular styles complement each other truly well. She reminds me to keep things easy when my brain is super chaotic, and I remind his to live in the moment and cut free a little bit.

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