They are always seeking after my HVAC services these days

They are always seeking after my HVAC services these days

Nick November 23, 2021

I have started developing my own little niche in the local company scene, plus while it used to be a secret, now it is actually starting to blow up! While I was in trade school, I started doing some weird projects for a couple of my pals who were growing pot.

It honestly wasn’t anything major, just some electrical work, or a tune up on the oil furnace.

After a while I knew my way around a marijuana grow room, plus it became my ultimate specialty… Fast forward a few years, plus now I have my HVAC appliance certification plus at the same time cannabis is being legalized. Because of my extensive work history, familiarity with the forms of marijuana cultivation, plus my HVAC certification, I have become the top repair tech for pot grows plus dispensaries. Back in the day it was more challenging, plus the electrical complications were much more problematic than the HVAC appliance concerns. Thanks to increased legalization people don’t have to agonize about a suspicious power bill as much, however their weather conditions control needs are honestly just as prevalent. I love working for the dispensaries the most, because they have the money for the finest HVAC appliances. For the dwelling based pot farms, money is commonly tight, so I do the best I can plus usually sell them refurbished HVAC appliances. As much as I love helping the little guy, so to speak, the dispensaries spare no expense because they are looking for a science-laboratory-level of air quality control. It is pretty exciting for me just to examine plus install these high end HVAC appliances!


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