The HVAC equipment wasn’t in such great condition

The HVAC equipment wasn’t in such great condition

Nick December 29, 2021

I guess I had been so tied up at work that I observed that various things weren’t right at my property.

There were days I only went to the lake property to shower, nap, and then go back to the office.

But, I knew that I’d have enough time to rest once the project was eventually completed. I had so many getaway days, and I planned on actually cashing everything in. Finally, the people I was with and I met with the shoppers, did the presentation, and it went well. They loved our concept and chose to supply us with the account, and my bonus from this job was going to be wonderful. The first night of my getaway, I slept for the longest time and only woke up when the lake property felt too hot. I went to turn on the Heating and A/C equipment and then head back to bed. But, there was no frigid air blowing from any of the vents in the property. It was then that I realized I had failed to get the a/c equipment maintained before summer. I suspected there were quite a few things, including the plumbing, that I had to get checked around the property. Suddenly, I no longer felt fatigued and chose to act on the faulty a/c equipment. I had to contact the Heating and A/C supplier to send over an AC worker to fix this drawback. He checked on the temperature control and indoor equipment when he came, which seemed fine. So, we headed out back and saw the outdoor Heating and A/C was in horrible shape. The AC worker had to clear out the dust and debris in it. Then he was able to fix the bent fins to allow air to pass through once the HVAC equipment was ready for use.

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