We were not getting cold air from the air conditioner

We were not getting cold air from the air conditioner

Nick December 29, 2021

We had such a hard time last winter when the heating unit failed in the middle of a snowstorm.

Was it not for the space heaters? We knew we’d be in serious trouble.

It took some time to get a heating expert to come and fix the issue. Our furnace is old, so it wasn’t such a surprise that it stopped working when we cranked up the heat. After the ordeal with the heating unit, I was ready for winter to be over. When spring rolled in, we finally shed off the clothes. But, something funny happened. Summer came early, and no one had remembered to check the air conditioner. One morning we woke up, and it was too hot, so I went and turned on the air conditioner. After that, we all stepped out to do different chores and never noticed something was wrong with the air conditioner. I came back to the house to pick something and noticed the space was still hot. That was odd since I knew I’d set the thermostat. I called my spouse to come and see if he could locate the issue. After we inspected the air conditioner, it was evident this was a job for an HVAC technician. We’d learned a long time ago to leave air conditioning repairs to the experts. We managed to get in touch with the HVAC company in town. We wanted to hire an HVAC technician to come and figure out why the air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air. The HVAC technician came by in the afternoon and deciphered the cause. Our air conditioner was low on refrigerant, most likely caused by a leak. He traced the culprit, sealed it, and topped up the refrigerant.


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