A perfect night

A perfect night

Nick May 6, 2022

My wife and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

As part of this we bought an electric fireplace.

We wanted to get an electric fireplace for the longest so we would be able to have romantic nights at home while saving money not having to go to expensive hotels to get the fireplace experience. We do not have any kids nor do we plan on having any kids. So having an electric fireplace at home for decoration and romance is ideal. We celebrated our 10th anniversary by ordering a very high priced gourmet meal from a top restaurant in the area and having it delivered. Then we ate it and had nice wine by the electric fireplace which looks and feels very much like an authentic real fireplace. It was a really perfect night to put it bluntly. And the electric fireplace really added enhancement to it. Electric fireplaces I noticed are starting to go up in price so it was a good thing we were able to get it on sale. We still spent over one thousand dollars on it, but it was about three hundred bucks off the regular price. So that was helpful and put the cost at what the electric fireplaces cost about a year ago. Without this electric fireplace we would have had to go and spend the night at some upscale hotel. And that would have been several hundred dollars for just one night. So the electric fireplace really was a godsend. If you can afford an electric fireplace for your home, me and my wife highly recommend it.


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