Removing that heating system

Removing that heating system

Nick June 23, 2022

The previous homeowners had a woodstove put into the living room at one point.

A brick pad was laid down, it was vented through the wood ceiling and had a stack on the roof.

It was a fully operational heating system. However, the homeowners never used it for heating, merely decoration. The system was clean as a whistle all throughout it. I also contacted a HVAC company to see if they wanted the heater and they informed me it wasn’t large enough to heat a house. It was more like a hunting shack heater. Who would put in such an invasive decorative piece and waste money making it operational? I ripped it out of my house first thing. I hated that I didn’t have a spot to put the TV due to the woodstove. I hated the brick pad and the look of the heater. I sold the heating system to a guy that uses it as his man cave heater. I then had a whole mess of stuff to do to clean up the previous heating installation. I had to sledgehammer the brick out and redo the flooring. I had to remove the vent and patch my wood ceiling. I then needed to get roofers in to remove the stack on the roof and patch it. It was expensive, exhausting and time consuming. All of that was to just remove a heating system that didn’t matter. It was such an ugly feature with the house and was featured in most pictures online. The homeowners definitely were proud of it.

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