Catching an A/C problem with our ear

Catching an A/C problem with our ear

Nick January 5, 2023

I appreciate being able to hear people say things under their breath.

It’s fun to zing some jerk over some comment that they thought I wouldn’t hear, and I do not guess why but I was just blessed with a type of hypersensitive hearing.

I was this way even when I was a little kid, however my parents believed there was something wrong with me and had to get me to doctors and nurses to examine me, but these days I find this quality mostly a good thing… And recently, our great sense of hearing was able to stop a Heating as well as A/C maintenance issue early… There came a time where I could hear something weird as I walked out the door toward our truck. I couldn’t for sure tell what it was exactly. But I knew something was not right. This is normally a sign that I’m hearing something that is totally out of sync with what I normally hear. This happens to me all the time, but even when I ride in somebody’s car, I can tell the smallest difference in the sound of the engine. That’s come in handy when it comes to repairs as well. And I have even heard a sound that was related to problems with the heating and cooling unit inside a car. But gladly I was able to hear an unquestionably faint change in pitch when it came to our residential Heating as well as A/C. I knew that it didn’t sound like normal so I wanted to be sure that there wasn’t something wrong with our air conditioning unit. I instantly called the local Heating as well as A/C professionals to have them come check it out, and sure enough, I caught what would have been a potentially extravagant Heating as well as A/C maintenance early and that saved me a ton of money.


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