Central HVAC unit was dirty

Central HVAC unit was dirty

Nick April 4, 2023

It is a little scary how many heating and cooling systems I come across that are completely filthy.

I know sometimes the owners are not aware of the state of the central cooling machine.

But other times they just don’t seem to care. Having a really dirty heating and A/C system is not only bad for your air conditioner, it is bad for your health too. Because if it is dirty on the outside, it is probably dirty on the inside too. This allows dust, and dirt to build up in your ductwork, which decreases your air quality. I always recommend air duct cleaning at least every few years, but most people never end up following my advice. In fact, there are some people that never get air duct cleaning. This just baffles me because I can only imagine how dirty it must be inside their homes! Anyways, when I went and visited one man earlier this evening, I noticed his cooling component was pretty filthy. I also noticed that it looked like it hadn’t had HVAC maintenance in years. I told him about how it could shorten the lifespan of his cooling device, but he didn’t seem to care. So I did as best of a clean up as I could and I even changed out the very gross air filter. After that, taking care of his heating and A/C machine is all up to him. Hopefully he will take care of it before his air conditioner dies before it is supposed to.



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