Hot day outside during a photoshoot

Hot day outside during a photoshoot

Nick October 25, 2023

My company did a photoshoot last week to showcase some of the new products that we are coming out with this summer.

I work for a sneaker company, so we like to make sure that the models are outside doing something active during the photoshoot.

However, because it was the summertime this meant it was really hot outside while we were shooting the pictures. I wanted to make sure that the photos came out well, but I could tell the models were starting to get overheated. I tried to set up a makeshift tent with air conditioning so they could cool off, but it didn’t seem to help. I went out to the closest home improvement store to buy some fans and set them up in the tent the models where using to change clothes, but it wasn’t cooling them down fast enough. One of the models even passed out for a few minutes. I started to get really worried that this was going to end badly, so I rescheduled the photoshoot and changed the location to somewhere indoors so we would all be cool. I had to make sure that their was air conditioning so this didn’t happen again. I am so glad that everything ended up alright, but now I know to make sure the photoshoot locations have air conditioning before scheduling the photoshoot. I really can’t put people in danger like that again, it would reflect really poorly on my company.

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