I want an oak piece

I want an oak piece

Nick October 24, 2023

I work totally online and from home! Due to this my office setup is quite luxurious, i have a separate space that I do all my work in.

I invested in a absolutely fantastic quality, plush rug.

I widened the window so I have a better view. I have a ductless mini split and smart thermostat to control that space for optimal comfort. I even painted the walls a gorgeous mint, invested in a pretty shelving and office supplies, my desk chair was obscenely high-priced but so comfy. The only thing I need is a desk now. I just cannot find the one I want. I want to pull out and try to store my kindle. I need at least one side drawer and I would like open shelving. The issue I have been finding is sizing… For desks you either are getting a important executive desk that is around six feet long, however or you are getting a writing desk that is about three feet long and made for a child. I want a normal desk setup but only around five feet wide. I don’t want it to be a corner desk or have a shelving unit fastened… Just a basic desk and drawers please. Well I think I am going to need to contact a custom furniture maker about a custom wood desk. That size and configuration isn’t possible to be found online. I also want oak furniture. Finding an oak desk that isn’t a billion dollars is quite difficult, then so I am going to contact a custom wood maker and see what they can do for me… Hopefully they can make my dream desk for not too much money.

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