That was all a lot easier

That was all a lot easier

Nick May 11, 2019

Recently, both of us decided to install a quality ventilation system in our home… I was honestly thinking about upgrading our HVAC system so that it would be easier to keep the household cool in thewarmseason, however the ventilation system was the answer! Not only are both of us able to push all the heat & humidity out from the house, however both of us are able to get rid of all kinds of smells & pollutants, then even if both of us burn something on the stove, both of us can honestly vent out the smoke & this significantly improves the air quality in no time! When it’s too warm in the household, the ventilation system makes it so much easier to keep the house nice & cool! The system honestly pushes all the excess heat from the household & then the air conditioner system doesn’t have to toil nearly as hard to keep the house at the temperature control settings.

I recognize installing the ventilation system was a single of the smartest investments both of us have made in recent years.

It’s really nice to be able to keep the air quality fantastic & this is a significant benefit for our health. I might consider upgrading the HVAC system sometime down the road, however with the new ventilation system, it’s really not necessary at the moment. I would prefer to replace the heating system though, it would be fantastic to have radiant radiant floors! Before both of us can do that though, both of us will have to save up some more money. I hear that radiant radiant floors are high-priced to have installed, however the energy savings are great!

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