Making the nursing home more comfortable for the residents

Making the nursing home more comfortable for the residents

Nick March 31, 2021

Working at the nursing home has been an interesting experience, but I love the people at the facility, staff and patients alike.

  • One thing that has been difficult for us is getting patients excited to interact with other patients.

It can be a lonely place sometimes living in a nursing home, so we try to encourage social interactions. Eventually, we decided to do something that would make things more inviting and more comfortable. We decided to have radiant heated floors installed in the social area where everybody gets to have parties, play BINGO, and talk with others. It was our Valentine’s Day party when we introduced the patients to the new radiant heated flooring heating system. Everybody was entirely delighted except for a select few patients who were hard to please. Even those people I knew appreciated the radiant heated floors because they didn’t want to rush back to their rooms to be alone. Overall, I would say the new HVAC installation was a success. Some people have said we would install radiant heated floors in all the rooms in the nursing home, but I think that would defeat the purpose. I think that it’s just fine the way we have it because now everybody is excited to go to the social hall to mingle with the others. Even if they don’t want to mingle, at least they hang around everybody else which is nice to see for our patients. It’s actually nice to be able to see smiles on everybody’s faces. I mean, this is where people must live their final days, so you should be able to enjoy yourself!

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