Damp and Cold. Winter’s worst weather.

Damp and Cold. Winter’s worst weather.

Nick April 29, 2021

The blast of a furnace is your best friend during the winter season.

It can also be your worst enemy if the winter is unusually unsettled.

The constant wear and tear on a system that turns on and off according to temperature can be put to the test during a winter devoid of a steady weather pattern. Today’s global thermometer relies on YOUR HVAC service provider to keep up with the seasonal breaches that are becoming the new norm. This doesn’t mean you should become complacent with a milder winter every now and then. If anything, it should prompt you to take advantage of the availability to upkeep, replace and service your furnace, water heater, and of course, all related duct and venting work. Eradicate the damp and embrace the gentle, warm and perfected level of healthy mold free moisture that make those cold nights appealing, even during the worst of winter’s true nature. Don’t rely on the media weather casters to warn you of an impending storm before you act. Call your reliable, responsible and certified licensed HVAC service technicians to provide your furnace maintenance the stand by status it should be on. One phone call away and the service pros will on the go for you. Cleaning,testing, installing new furnace belts, filters and thermostats, even suggesting some new wifi bluetooth enabled upgrades so you can come home to an economically temperate with a text or voice message dictated by YOU. Radiant floor heating will take the damp chill out of your bathroom and a coil and dryer duct hose cleaning along with a chimney inspection will have you ready to take on the brunt of any winter’s brashness, even if the storms are now few and far between. HVAC service IS all season security.

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