Helping people find heating when they need it

Helping people find heating when they need it

Nick April 29, 2021

Just because I am a hermit and live alone on the side of a mountain doesn’t mean I hate people.

  • I don’t like people, true, but in general I like people, it’s just that I can easily live without them.

That said, if I know someone needs help, or is in danger, I will of course do whatever I can to help them. Because of this, and my remote mountain location, I have saved the lives of more than a few lost hikers and campers over the years. No one has the right heating when they come up here, because no one appreciates just how dangerously cold it can get. There are a handful of other cabins in this area, and they all have a fireplace but no electricity or heating in them. Usually the local deputy will let me know if there are people staying around here, so I can check on them and make sure they have heating if the weather gets too bad. I would about once every year or two I find someone who doesn’t know how to start a fire and can’t use the fireplace to heat up the cabin. I am always patient, showing them how to do it so that they can provide their own heating after I leave. I know for a fact this has saved a life or two, and I even get Christmas cards from some of those people to this very day. You should never be so reliant on heating systems that you can’t even start your own fire


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