I have the heated flooring

I have the heated flooring

Nick April 29, 2021

My family rotates whose house we go to for Christmas.

There are pros and cons to every location.

My brother’s house is giant with a pool, hot tub and plenty of seating. His wife can’t cook at all though. My sister’s place is a tiny little shack so it is hard to fit everyone inside. My sister orders pizza, lets us wear shoes and the kids have a blast there. My house I like to think has good food and heated flooring. I sprung for the good heating system when I first moved in. I owned a boiler system and I was redoing my carpets anyway. It made sense to rip everything up, lay down piping within the new tile floors and have quality heat. Everyone comments about how nice my heating system is. Since it is all hot water, there is no air being blown. That means no dirty air conditions, sound, heat rising or hot and cold spots. It is really energy smart and the floors warm all furniture that touches it. Most of the kids like to lay on the floor with the dogs to feel the heating system. On top of my great heater I go all out with the meal. I make meatballs from scratch, get fresh veggies and make my own chicken wing dip. Everyone always seems happy at my house. I don’t have any other cool additions like a hot tub and I certainly won’t let people wear shoes in my house. But I like to think my other stuff makes up for it.


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