The information was wrong

The information was wrong

Nick April 15, 2021

I ordered some brand new advertising materials for our heating and air conditioner repair business.

  • A modern office supply store was having a 25% off sale, so I ordered some flyers, custom magnets, and the modern supplier cards.

The advertising materials took three days to print, and then on the 4th day, I picked up all of the materials. I opened up the box of supplier business cards, because I was most gleeful to see how they looked. I was honestly terribly disappointed when I realized that the name of our usual heating and air conditioner repair supplier was misspelled. I opened up the large box of magnets and I realized that the name of the heating and air conditioner repair supplier was completely misspelled on all of the advertising items. I talked to the working manager and the two of us went over our invoice and order form. Everything was actually spelled officially on the order form, so the manager had to reprint all of the custom advertising materials for free. I had to wait three more days for all of the modern material to finish printing, but I’m happy with the results that I got. The vibrant and vivid colors on all of the advertisements are entirely nice to look at and I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of the product. The printing supplier would acquire several stars if they would have printed the items respectfully for us all the first time. Instead, I gave them a brief and 3 star review on yelp and google.

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