We knew it needed some help

We knew it needed some help

Nick April 15, 2021

My wifey and I had a repair recently performed on our gas furnace the other month and every one of us gained some bad news.

The tech proposed both of us replacing the gas furnace as soon as possible… Even though the gas furnace was technically still operating, the tech assured the two of us that it was only a matter of time in our case before the gas furnace stopped finally working altogether, and i definitely knew the tech was right.

However every one of us did not have the money to make the exchange, and at that point all of us were going to wait until Springtime, when all of last year’s heating equipment would be on sale! Last weekend, the gas furnace finally stopped working, however my wifey and I were at the grocery store picking up some extra juice, milk, eggs, and beef. All of us left the grocery store and stopped at the farmers market to snatch up some vegetables. All of us got to the beach house about two hours after every one of us left! When I walked into the front door that day, the entire house was freezing and cold… Neither 1 of us had to look at the central temperature control. All of us both knew the bad news finally arrived. I finally called the supplier and I found out that the quote was still valid. My wifey and I called up at least a couple of sites to see if every one of us could get a loan to cover the modern gas furnace. Well, at least this 1 is under warranty for the next several years.

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