Attempting to improve indoor air quality in my home

Attempting to improve indoor air quality in my home

Nick May 27, 2021

With all of the recent concerns with covid, I started worrying about my home’s indoor air quality.

I noticed that the filters in the air conditioner and furnace were completely clogged with dust and other debris every time I changed them.

This led me to believe that an excessive amount of allergens were floating around in our breathing air. I researched the different types of filters and learned that the higher the MERV rating, the smaller the holes in the filter. The smaller the holes, the more contaminants it captures. So I bought the highest MERV rated filters I could find for my heating and cooling units. The problem was that these tiny holes blocked with dust and other pollutants very quickly. I needed to replace them every week. Since the higher rated filters are also more expensive, this turned into a very costly endeavor. When I researched further, I learned that the filter in the furnace and air conditioner are designed to protect the system against particulates getting inside, restricting airflow and reducing efficiency. The filters aren’t intended to enhance breathing air. So then I began reading up on the different kinds of air purifiers on the market. There are no models that utilize a process of ionization and treat every cubic inch of air the heating and cooling system access. The air purifier is proactive in sending ions out into the air. These ions cause dust particles, lint, dander and spores in the air to clump together, become heavier and either fall out of the air or be more easily filtered out. Plus, the air purifier actually disrupts the DNA of pathogens to kill them. It is effective against bacteria, mold spores, VOCs and viruses.

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